Tom lost his home because his owner was allergic. We could not be happier to help this handsome guy find new accommodations. He loves the camera and the camera loves him, just think of all the famous Tom’s who are movie stars? He may be related. Tom is 8 months old.


Holy Moley! A cat with no eyes? Can you imagine, don’t tell Felipe he has a handicap because it has not slowed him down one bit. He was found on a busy highway and had congenital defects in both eyes. He is just 5 months old and considers himself to be perfect, just the way […]


I am named after lanky/ tall bird,not sure why but that’s the way the way the cookie crumbles! Through no fault of my own I lost my home. I am sweet but would prefer to be the only cat in the house. I am only 11 months old and cannot wait to be your one […]


Boo! With a name like Halloween how else can we start her description? This gorgeous and unusual female orange tabby came in to us with her kittens. She was a wonderful mama but now it is her turn to be pampered. She is just a bit over a year old.


Gabby was adopted from us as a 3 month old kitten. The families circumstances changed and we were happy to welcome her back. She is 4 years old and will chatter to you all day long.


Meet Nub, he has no tail and we don’t know why? We do know that his wagging and wiggling has not been curtailed one bit! He is a lovely pup who was found as a stray in Beaufort. He was diagnosed with H/W when he arrived but we have treated him for that. He is […]


Maximus is a maximum pitbull! He’s sturdy and very muscular, requiring a strong handler. But as powerful as he is, Maximus is also a great, big sweetheart, enjoying rubs and lots of attention.


Frazier has had it with being on bed rest due to heartworm treatment. This 2 year old is ready to cut loose and have some fun now that that is all behind him. Frazier is 2 years old and weighs 47lbs.


Clive’s big brown, expressive eyes would make any girl jealous, but his eyeliner is perfect too! This 2 year old hound is a bit underweight at 45 lbs, so would love to have an owner that uses lots of healthy treats for training.


Henry is a Mountain Cur x, which is a breed we don’t get very often. These dogs are usually found in OH, TN, KY and VA, so Henry must have taken a wrong turn on the highway! Mountain Curs are intelligent, and known to want to please. Henry fits the bill on that description, and […]