Smudge is a big fluff ball with a heart of gold. He actually likes dogs and cats. Smudge is 5 years old and would be a great addition to your family!


Felt is not sure how she got her name, personally she is ready for a new one! This kitty came to us from another rescue and we are happy to help her find a new one. And a new name to go along with it!


Reese is 2.5 years old. He is a bit shy but he will gladly be your friend for a lifetime. Reese came to us from another rescue.


Celeste is all about the fluff.  This gorgeous 2 year old is ready for a new home.  She came to us from another rescue, we are certain that she will add a new look to any home.


Missy loves her unique markings, she has all the colors one could ask for.  She has a lovely round face, just right for snuggling.  Missy is 10 years old and looking for a home filled with love.


Donnely is a distinguished fellow who is looking for new accommodations.  A rather big word for a small kitty.  Sadly Donnely came from a sad case that involved hoarding.  He is ready to move on from is past and find the love he deserves.  Donnely is 8 years old.


  Willow is not nearly as stern looking as his picture (although he might be mad he has a female name)!  He is very shy and a bit on the reserved side, but he likes to spin his demeanor as “mysterious.”  Willow is 7 months old and ready for a quiet home of his own.


Berrus is a 4 year old kitty that came to us from another rescue. He is a bit on the shy side but we know his big golden eyes and love a good head bump will win you over!


Sweety was adopted from HHHA in 2013 as a tiny kitten, her owner was no longer able to take care of her so we welcomed her back.  Sweety is a mellow girl who takes life easy.  She is 6 years old.


Everybody loves Oreos, and this Oreo is as heavenly as Milk’s Favorite Cookie! She is a 4-year-old Retriever mix who came to HHHA from another shelter. Oreo is 45 pounds of kisses, hugs, and playtime! Oreo’s got a perfect balance of puppy playfulness and adult “couch potato-ness.” Meet Oreo by calling (843) 681-8686 to schedule […]