Hipster did not get his name because he is a “hipster” but because he came to us with an old and healed fracture of his pelvis and hip. Our medical team was able to perform an FHO surgery which has healed very well. We encourage his new family to spend lots of time walking, including […]


Hickory was found as a stray and we were surprised to learn that she does a very nice sit on command. We were not surprised to learn that she loooooooves treats! The puppy kind of course. Hickory is close to 4 months old and weighs 27 pounds already! we are certain she quite a bit […]


Oak was found as a stray and is ready to learn all sorts of tricks to get all sorts of treats. A perfect pup for the season, puppy treats of course!! Oak can’t wait to go on adventures with his new family. He will probably be fairly large when he is full grown. Oak currently […]


Kiki is a 1 year old kitty that came to us from another rescue. He enjoys hanging out on the cat tree and relaxing in the sun! Kiki is ready to find a new family and get back to home life!


Brigid is scared but so very sweet. She was adopted from us as a tiny 10 week old and sadly her family no longer had time for her. We welcome her back and will be happy to find her a more permanent situation this time around. Brigid is almost 2 years old and should be […]


Isn’t Silvia an exotic looking puppy? If she were a cat, we’d think she was a Siamese with her dark point coloration, and almond eyes. Silvia is only 6 months old and 37 lbs. She’s a sweet, well-mannered girl willing to please.


This puppies tail just never stops! What a happy girl. Wilma came to us from another rescue and was found as a stray. She currently weighs 32 pounds and is only 5 months old. She has some growing to do! Wilma will wiggle and wag your way in to your heart the moment you meet […]


Deanna was found as a stray and is just a year old. We are certain her life is going to take a turn for the better now that she is here. Deanna takes a bit of time to warm up so she will need some patience! If patience is your virtue, please come and meet […]


Things to know about me are, I am pretty, I am nice and I know sit! I am about 1-1/2 years old and love to play with toys, I take treats very nicely. I was found as a stray and if you can imagine, no one came looking for me. This made me sad for […]


Westbrooke is a gorgeous, cuddly, 5-month-old who was found as a stray. He LOVES people and will roll over for tummy scratches!