Kelsea is a beautiful 3-month-old torbie with the softest fur ever, which is great because she loves to cuddle! She is an active girl and can’t wait to for the next adventure in her life!


Eric is one active 3-month-old! He came to us as a stray, which hasn’t phased him one bit – he loves to explore the indoors, too! He is very energetic and would love an active, fun, and loving household.


Natalie is a 2.5-month-old fluffy tuxedo gal who’s got whiskers for days! She is outgoing, confident, and makes sure she gets the play time, snuggles, and loves she wants and knows she deserves!

Pedro Pawscal

Pedro Pawscal is a 2.5-month-old boy who came to us after he and his family were found as strays. He is very gentle, loving, and laid back. Don’t be fooled by that, though: Pedro Pawscal loves to snuggle and spend time with human friends, too!

Furley Temple

Furley Temple is as cute as they come and she knows it! She is 2.5 months old and is inquisitive but can be a little shy at first. Shyness quickly fades as her fun, spunky personality shines brightly! You’ll always have a good time with Furley Temple!

Cindy Clawford

Cindy Clawford is ready to catwalk and sashay right into your home and heart! This 2.5-month-old super cutie was found as a stray with her siblings and mother. Cindy Clawford is VERY active, playful, and adventurous. Don’t worry, though: she also loves to cuddle!


Swirl is a beautiful 2.5-month-old girl with a stunning and soft dilute tortie coat. She came to us as a stray, but you wouldn’t know it. Swirl LOVES to cuddle and be with people – she will truly make whomever she meets feel loved.

Pawdry Hepburn

Pawdry Hepburn is a 1-year-old fair lady who came to us when she and her babies were found as strays. Now that her kittens are weaned, she is ready to move on to the next chapter in her life. She may not want to take a Roman Holiday, but she would definitely love breakfast at […]


Canneloni is a beautiful, active, cuddly 1.5-year-old who came to us when her family could no longer care for her and her babies. All of her kittens are weaned and she’s ready to find a home of her own! Canneloni loves to sing and enjoys the company of her human friends.


Briar is a loving, playful, feisty 10-month-old boy who arrived with injuries possibly from a car engine, along with a defunct left eye. None of this slows him down, though, and he makes sure to live his best life no matter what. Briar’s big, loving personality makes him a favorite wherever he goes!