Katniss is a 1 year old shepherd mix named after a famous character in a movie. With her stunning good looks we can certainly see why! Katniss is just shy of a year old and knows all her basic commands. She needs a firm owner who will help her to be her best self! Katniss […]


What a handsome boy, Bones turned out to be. He was adopted from us at just 10 weeks old. His family had a change of circumstances and had to bring him back. We are pleased to help him find more permanent accommodations this time around. Bones is 8 months old and loves treats and belly […]


Dharma was adopted as a 2 month old puppy. She is almost full grown at 10 months. Her family had to surrender her as their circumstances changed. Dharma has a lot of energy, she does a beautiful sit, and mostly loves treats. Dharma is ready for a more permanent home this time around. This adorable […]


Ritter and his littermate have a genetic defect which results in multiple abnormalities. Affected cats have shorter than normal lifespans. Unfortunately, there is no cure, but we are hoping we can get these sweet kittens into a loving home for whatever time they have, which could be years.


Rosemary has a genetic disorder which results in multiple abnormalities. Unfortunately, there is no cure. She has had surgery to repair her patellas and had an eye removed. Rosemary is just a wonderfully sweet kitten who doesn’t know anything is different about her and loves to play and be held and loved on.


Hi there, Clark is my name and being a wonderful kitty is my game! I am just about a year old. I came here from another rescue and they promised to find me the best family, EVER! Is it you? I bet it is, OMG I am so excited!


You don’t have to wait for Fall to enjoy Cider. This 7.5 month old cutie is ready and waiting to join a family and start having some FUN! Check out Cider’s long white whiskers and huge yellow eyes; she’s a beauty for sure.


Ebony has a coat that is soft and shiny, just as her name implies! Ebony is 3 years old and was found as a stray. She is a “big” girl as she would freely admit. Weighing in at almost 18 pounds. We do have her on a weight loss regime…ugh that “covid-15”


Sanford, long, tall and handsome we are certain that’s what his name means!  Sanford is 6 years old and loves to play.  He is unique in that he is missing a toe on two of his paws.  That’s OK as we don’t want him hitchhiking any more!  He was found a stray in the northern […]


With this lovely Paris in your home you will never need to travel to the actual “Paris” This 8 month old came to us from another shelter. She loves to have the top of her head rubbed and will purr endlessly. Paris can’t wait to travel to your home.