Gunner is a 1 year old Terrier mix who weighs 46 lbs. This handsome fellow with great ears, knows the sit command. He is all about treats, so he would make an eager student to learn more commands and perhaps some tricks. If you are looking for a mid-size dog, Gunner could be the dog […]


  This smokey gray feline with the serious face is Hawthorn! She is almost 9 months old and has soft short fur! Although her facial expressions look intense, all she wants is to join a nice family where she can have fun and be a kitty!


  Meet Misty! She is a petite 1 year old that weighs only 6.5 pounds! Misty is more than ready to get back into a home of her own where she can feel more comfortable in her surroundings and really show off her sweet and playful personality!


Hannah means favour or grace. Hannah is a friendly 8 and 1/2 month old Lab/Terrier mix who weighs 43 lbs. Hannah came to us from another rescue where she had been found as a stray. She walks nicely on the leash and takes treats like the gracious lady she is. Hannah would love to join […]


Coco is a 9 year old female cat who weighs 16.9 lbs. Coco came to us from another rescue where she had been surrendered. Coco would love to become the newest member of your family.  


  Polka as in dots or the dance, either is fitting.  He has cute spots on his front legs, and he loves to dance!  Meet Polka the 1 year old German Short-haired Pointer mix.  He still needs to learn the command sit, but he walks well on a leash and takes treats like a gentleman!  […]


  Anise seeds taste like licorice.  It’s in the same family as parsley, carrots, and celery.  This Anise is no spice or plant, instead she is an adorable Plott Hound mix.  She is 1 year old and weighs 52 pounds.  Anise walks well on a leash and takes treats like a lady.  She can’t wait […]


  Mason is 3 years old.  He is a handsome Siamese mix.  He came to us from another rescue where he was found as a stray.  He is shy and uncertain of his surroundings.  If you would like to open your heart and home to Mason please schedule an appointment to meet him soon!


  Cherokee is a brown tabby with beautiful golden eyes.  He is about 9 months old.  Cherokee is a little on the shy side at first, but he does like to have his head rubbed and his chin scratched.  He would love to be part of your family if you’re looking for a new addition.


  Dusty is a dynamic 6 month old kitten.  Even though he was found as a stray, he is friendly and loves attention.  He is playful and loves toys, especially balls that jingle.  If you’re looking for an adventurous feline companion, Dusty may be the pet for you.