Hey, what’s a Squidget? Oh, that’s me – I’m Squidget. The folks who named me thought that I should have a name that no one would forget. I’m just over 2 months old, and I’m ready to squirm my way into a permanent. home.  


Phoebe is a beauty! She is a 1 year old terrier mix. She weighs 36lbs. She is extremely friendly and fun. Phoebe is deaf. She will need to be trained using sign language. Pretty unique we think! She can’t wait to find a great new home!


Hi! My name is Tink. I am an 8 month old black mouth cur mix. I weigh 30lbs. I am one pretty girl! I came here from another rescue. I am more than ready to leave this shelter life behind. I can’t wait to find an amazing new home!


Bashful? Like one of the dwarfs? No, not me! I am the sweetest boy ever! I am an 8 month old black mouth cur mix. I weigh 40lbs. I came here from another rescue. The shelter life is ok but I am pretty sure having a home would be awesome!


Billy is a real love bug. He was adopted from us in 2016 and sadly his owner passed away. Billy is confused to be back here with us but we know we will find the perfect place for him. Billy is almost 9 years old with a ton of love to give.


Sadie, Sadie, pretty lady. Sadie is a 1 year old lab mix. She is a very sweet girl. She takes treats very nicely and has great manners. Sadly her family could no longer care for her. We know it won’t take Sadie long to find a great new home!


Marty is a fun guy! He is a 4 month old hound mix. Marty weighs 18lbs. He can seem a bit shy at first, but trust us it won’t take long for him to warm right up! This sweet boy was found as a stray. He is more than ready to add some fun and […]


Springer is a handsome 1 year old orange tabby. This poor guy was a stray. We are glad someone found him. We can’t wait to find him a fantastic new home!


Left Twix? Right Twix? I am the best Twix! Hi! I’m Twix. I am a beautiful 1 year old calico. They say I am one pretty lady, I have to agree. I was a stray, but I am ready for a fantastic new home!


Ahoy Mayte! I am Blackbeard! Legend has it I am 3 years old. I was out a stray on the streets, now I am in need of a new home! Yo Ho!