This sweet fellow is Rock! He is a 2 year old terrier mix and weighs 40 pounds, but has some room for extra snacks! Rock is a little shy at first, but takes treats gently and warms up with a little time! He’s looking for a home where he can feel comfortable and loved!


Almond is an adorable and cuddly male kitten who came to us from another rescue. He is 2 months old and loves people, his pink unicorn, and those plastic balls with the bells in them!


Flurry is in a hurry, which is why her photos are blurry! Sorry – we couldn’t help ourselves. It is true, though: Flurry wants to explore your world and see and experience EVERYTHING! She especially LOVES to do that while being held by a loving human. She is 2.5 months old and has lots of […]


Narnia’s body may be here, but her mind is in Narnia! This fuzzy lil’ pumpkin pie enjoys everyone’s company, but she is always ready for the next great adventure! She is only 3 months old and started life as a stray, but now Narnia would like to explore your wardrobe!


Radius the kitten will make the radius of your heart grow exponentially with her love! This beautiful 3-month-old came to us from another shelter when her owner could no longer care for her. Radius is all love and cute kitten-ness – she will surely bring a lot of love to her new family!


Tawny is a gorgeous 1.5-year-old torbie who came to us from another rescue. A torbie is a cat (almost always female) who has tortoiseshell and tabby markings. Look at those “bracelets” Tawny has! Don’t worry: her personality is just as stunning as her looks! She’ll make a great companion!


This sweet pup is Watermelon! He is a 9 month old lab mix and currently weighs 56 pounds. Watermelon enjoys going for walks and getting lots of pets! This happy boy is all tail wags and kisses. Watermelon would make a great addition to almost any household!


The lovely canals of Venice have nothing to do with this adorable kitten!! Venice is inquisitive, sweet and playful. She may have the pinkest nose we have ever seen! Venice is almost 5 months old and ready for a family of her own.


In Pippin the musical the lead character longs for a life filled with adventure. We have Pippin the cat who longs for a home filled with love, toys, snuggly beds and a family of his own. Pippin was found as a stray so his adventure days are done! He is almost 4 months old.


Gouda cheese, yum! Gouda kitten, yummier! Meet this 4 month old and you just won’t be able to look away! Gouda was found as a stray. Her unique markings take “tuxedo” to a whole new level. Gouda can’t wait to meet you.