Wiley is a sweet girl from the upstate of South Carolina. As you can tell by her pretty sit she knows her manners. Wiley is just a bit over a year old. Her neck was shaved for some puncture wounds but she is healing well and we expect her hair to grow back.


Tortilla is not round and certainly not made of flour or corn. She is made of sugar and spice and everything nice! This compact little girl weighs just 22 pounds and should be getting close to full grown at 7 months old. She is alert and attentive and will make a wonderful family companion.


Mushu has a coat that looks like it would be kinda wiry but it is very deceiving. Mushu has the softest coat on campus. And did you notice that Mushu looks like a mime? Mushu won’t tell us what breed he is because… well he’s a mime. We do know that he is almost 10 […]


  Blanca is a gentle 3 year old kitty that came to us from another rescue. She has gorgeous golden eyes and is ready to find a new family and settle in with her new family!


So many famous Elis…Eli Manning, Eli Thayer, Eli Whitney, Eli Lily, Eli Bremer. Go ahead and Google those people. Our Eli is by far the best Eli. He is 4 years old and 54 pounds. Eli is a lab mix and a bit on the shy side but what a heartbreaker.


Petey is not part of the Little Rascals, but should be. He would have fit right in. Petey is a one year old mixed with “your guess is good as mine” dog. Petey is very sweet and gets along with all of the gang here at the shelter.


This young guy can bounce with all 4 paws leaving the ground. There is truly nothing funnier to witness. Buddy is just a little over a year and weighs 44 pounds. In the words of Narwhal from the movie Elf “Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad.”


Wrigley is a very energetic 2.3 year old terrier mix. He should have been named wiggly because when he wags his tail, his whole hind-end wiggles too. He is very sweet and he loves nothing more than a great treat and a head scratch. If you have a spot for wiggley Wrigley in your home, […]


  Carmela is a stunning 4 year old calico kitty with short hair. She came to us from another rescue and is ready to find a loving home! Carmela is a bit shy and just looking for that special someone to warm up to!


  Livia is a beautiful 3 year old kitty with amazing green eyes! She came to HHHA from another rescue and is ready for her next move to be in to a home of her own! Livia has a sweet personality and is super affectionate and can’t wait to be a part of your family!