Firefighter is a big name for such a little kitty! He is 4 months old. He and his siblings were strays, not any more. We are ready to find them all great new homes!


Poinsettia, one of the prettiest plants for the holidays. We think Poinsettia is one of the prettiest kitties we’ve ever seen. She is 4 months old. She came in as a stray. We intend to change that right away! Why not add a Poinsettia to your home for the holidays?


  Mj has a very sweet disposition. She was found as a stray in Sun City. She was far to young, at just two years old so we are going to help her find a new place to reside!


Princeton, is a year old and all though a bit shy upon first meeting this ivy league graduate will make a “smart” addition to anyone’s home. He came to us when he was found as a stray.


Duster is just a year old and ready to come help you with all your household chores. This handsome boy came to us from another rescue and we are glad to help him find a new home.


This is a real Cinder-ella story! Cinder’s story is a sad one, but we aim to give him a fairy tale ending! Cinder is a 1 year old lab mix. He weighs 59lbs. He is as sweet a boy as you will ever meet. We can’t wait to make sure this sweet lovable guy gets […]


Rock on, Rocky! Rocky is a superstar who is always ready for a good time. He wants to be your best buddy, and he will do anything to bring a smile to your face. Rocky is 2 years old, and he was a stray before he came here.


Who wants a gorgeous senior lady with a loving personality? Well, I’m that lady, and you must be the person who wants me. I give sweet kisses, and I can manage a hug ever now and then. Please ask for Roxeanne, and I’ll show you what a 10 year old sweetheart can do to make […]


I’m Kolby. I’m a simple fellow, and I have simple needs. Just give me a bowl of food, water, blanket, bed, toys, head pats, collar, leash, treats, treats, treats – did I mention treats? I believe that I will fit rather well into your home, so how about adopting a wonderful 8 year old pooch?


Hello, my name is Heather. I think I must be the girl that you’ve been dreaming about . I’m rather calm, and I don’t demand a lot of your time. I’m 2 1/2 years old, and I’ve gone through heartworm treatments. I’m all better now. Just come to the shelter and ask to see Heather, […]