Glitter will make lots of fond memories for you. She is a super sweetheart who loves to be petted. This lovely gal is almost 6 months old and she was a stray.


Beetle will be a great family pet – he likes to romp and have a good time. Beetle walks well on a leash and can’t wait for the next person to come along so he can greet them. Beetle is almost 3 years old, and he was a stray before going to a rescue group.


Egypt is fit to rule them all! This little lady likes to be the center of attention. She has beautiful grey eyes, and stares at you lovingly. Egypt is only 2 months old.


Belize is a breeze! This easy going gal is all fluff, and no-frills. Belize is 1 years old and almost weighs 6 pounds. Belize would love if you gave her chin rubs, and give her plenty of cozy beds to lounge on.


Morocco is a sweet boy with a silky black coat. He came to us with his brothers and sisters. Morocco is only 2 months old, and a delight to be around!


Gator is one big boy – 84 lbs.! This fellow will follow you around and be your best friend. He tilts his head when you speak to him so he doesn’t miss a word that you say. Gator knows some basic commands and is more than willing to learn more. Gator is one year old […]


Red is a muscular guy who probably has lots of street smarts – he was a stray before he ended up in a shelter. Red is 7 years old, so he is overdue for a chance at the good life.


Dakota is a gal who will always greet you with a smile! She is a beautiful Coonhound who loves a snack…or two. Dakota is 6 years old, and easily makes friends.


Gunther is a sweet boy who knows how to sit politely for the camera. Gunther is 2 years old, and would love to have an active family. Gunther has a fluffy coat, and loves to be petted.


Piglet is an extraordinary fellow who is only 2 months old. He wants a home with lots of toys.