Who’s Who…


Board of Directors…

Chairman Chuck Laine chucklaine@aol.com
Vice Chairman Monte Leath
Corresponding Secretary Lorie Frankovic maofpaws@yahoo.com
Recording Secretary Sandy Leath sandy.islandclub@yahoo.com
Treasurer Rick Saba


Board Members…

Yvonne Curl Michael Casuccio Mary Doyle
Monte Leath Franny Gerthoffer Rick Saba
Ramona Fantini Bill Rothe


Shelter Staff…

Executive Director Franny Gerthoffer director@hhhumane.org
Adoption Facilitator Laura Tipton adoptions@hhhumane.org
Adoption Facilitator Pam Johns adoptions@hhhumane.org
Adoption Facilitator Joani Shepherd adoptions@hhhumane.org
Adoption Facilitator Frangelica Aparicio adoptions@hhhumane.org
Veterinarian Dr. Laurel Berry
Veterinarian Technician Laura Green vettech@hhhumane.org
Business Development and Donor Relations Manager Bonnie Powell membership@hhhumane.org
Kennel Supervisor Brittany Bennington kennelsupervisor@hhhumane.org


Litter Box Staff…

Store Manager Ryan Curtis litterboxthrift@hhhumane.org
Assistant Manager Leigh Rhoden
Employees: Justin Ballard
Patrick Nguyen


Spay/Neuter Clinic Staff…

Clinic Manager Nancy Foard clinicmanager@hhhumane.org
Office Support Bonnie Payne spayneuterinfo@hhhumane.org
Veterinarian Dr. Matt Dixon
Veterinarian Technician Nicole Wolfe
Veterinarian Technician Christy Foote
Vet Tech Assistant Chris Andrews
Vet Tech Assistant Angie Alicea
Kennel Care Lindsey Walker
Driver Barry Brown  
Driver Bobby Whitman