Sweet Sunny arrived at the shelter back in September when his family gave him up. The 7-year-old orange tabby unfortunately suffers from severe degenerative joint disease, but the Vets at HHH helped him feel more comfortable and walk with ease. Many people weren’t willing to take on the health problems that Sunny had, including his past owners. But luckily, the right person came along and fell head over heels in love with Sir Sunny! She loved how cuddly and friendly Sunny was towards her. He would always come right up to her whenever she went to visit the cat room. She wanted to rescue a cat that wasn’t so easily adopted and Sunny was that. He waited many months to finally head home! In January, Sunny was adopted and has been living his best life ever since. He has his very own room full of his favorite toys and 3 chairs he likes to switch between as he follows where the sun shines. His favorite past times are his afternoon naps, snuggling on his owner’s lap and sitting patiently for treats. He also loves exploring the outdoors on his leash! He is truly the sunshine of his owner’s life. She couldn’t be happier to give him his forever home.