This is such a wonderful adoption success story! Please read the letter we received from Harmony’s owner:

Nine years ago, while on a golf vacation in Hilton Head, I saw your ad in a local newspaper with a photo and write-up of a fearful, shy dog your staff had named Harmony.  It was late at night and I had an early flight back to PA, so I called HHHA during my layover in Charlotte, NC.  I immediately knew I wanted to help this poor dog after I heard the story of her rescue and how scared she was, to the point that your staff member expressed concerns about her adoptability.  Once I landed in PA and got the news that I was approved to adopt Harmony, I knew a dog in that condition would not likely not do well on a flight from SC to PA, so I rented an SUV, purchased a large crate, arranged for someone to care for my Beagle…and drove the 743 miles back to Hilton Head.

It was May 2012, and I am happy to report that I still have Harmony.  She has outlived two of my Beagles, and has successfully overcome her fear for most things, although she does still fear anything that sounds like  shotgun blast.  She was definitely my most challenging rescue, as I never had a dog who seemed to be feral as she was.  She was terrified of everything inside my home, so at times I felt as though I was domesticating a wild animal rather than a homeless dog.  I soon learned that patience was the key to training her to adapt to the life of a normal dog and she has turned out to be a sweet, loving companion all these years.

Harmony has traveled with me from PA to FL for winters, went boating & swimming, dressed up as “Supergirl” alongside her brother Beagle, “Superman” in a Halloween charity walk for a local shelter, and overall adjusted well to the snow and cold in her various fleece coats and hoods!  She is enrolled now in the Dog Aging Project out of the University of Washington since she seems to be aging so well.

I wanted you to know of her successful adoption journey from SC to PA.  I am so happy to not only have given her a home, but a life.   Hopefully she will have many more adventures with me!”