I am so glad I was able to make Keiko a part of my family, and get to give her a loving home, if she has one year or ten more years. She is the sweetest girl and I am completely in love. She is doing well, getting along great with her new sister Jett, and is even having zoomies each evening. A couple of nights ago she climbed in my lap, placed her paws on my chest, and started purring and head-butting my chin, I like to feel that was her way of saying she is happy with us too.

PetSmart has proved to be a wonderful adoption partner for us in the past and we wanted to shine the light on a special story.  Jennifer is the long-time manager of the PetSmart store in Bluffton.  She has always promoted adoption and for that we are grateful.  We recently housed a kitty at her store.  She was a lovely 17-year-old named Keiko.  Jennifer fell in love with her over time and decided to adopt her.  It is not always the first choice to adopt a senior, we are appreciative when people make that difficult choice.  Jennifer reports she has settled in just fine, gets along great with the other cat and even enjoys a belly rub.  Thank you for adopting a senior and for making adoption the best option!