Dreamsicle is a delicious and sweet kitty, we wonder how she got her name? This calm and gentle 1 year old is ready for a home of her own. Dreamsicle should stay a fairly small cat at just 6 pounds..


Aster is aptly named after a beautiful flower. She came to us from another rescue and we are so happy to find this gentle 7 month old a place of her own. Aster loves to have the top of her head scratched, right between her ears!


Everything about Troy says shepherd, except for the floopy ears! This big boy was surrendered by his owner when they could no longer take care of him. Troy is 77 pounds of pure energy. He is just a bit over a year old and definitely needs some training. He is food motivated so training should […]


Cashmere is a fitting name for this sweet lady with the softest fur. She is a year old and loves head rubs. If you are looking to add a young adult female to your family, Cashmere might be the right fit for you!


Meet Matthew! The orange tabby is friendly and loves head rubs. He is 2 years old. If you would like to add a young adult cat to your family, he might be the feline for you!


Meet Allison! She is 2 years old and enjoys soaking up the sun while resting on a cat tree. If you are looking to adopt a young adult cat, this pretty lady might be the feline for you!


Ford is the latest model in cute! This adorable 15 pound pup was left behind when his owner passed away. We know this has left him a bit confused but he is ready to shake it off and find a new family. Ford came in with his buddy, Chevy. They do not have to be […]


This handsome fellow is Roger! Roger came to us as a stray but is ready to settle into home life. He is two years old and weighs 9 pounds. Roger enjoys playing with toys and loves getting pet. He can’t help but do a cute tuck and roll when you’re nearby! Roger would make a […]


Deanna was found as a stray and is just 1.5 years old. She was shy when she first got to the shelter, but she has come a long way. She loves to sing, get belly rubs, sunbathe, hang out with her kitty (and human) friends, and of course, play with toys!