Kate is a 15-year-old American Eskimo mix who sadly came to us after her owner passed away suddenly. This took an enormous toll on not only on Kate, but also on the HHH staff, because her owner was our spay/neuter clinic’s director. As a 15-year-old, Kate had several medical issues that needed to be resolved […]


Bee came to the shelter as a stray. She was nervous but quickly warmed up to everyone. Unfortunately, she had Heartworms but after treatment she was ready to find her forever home. The shelter had a volunteer who couldn’t help but have a soft spot for her and decided that she would make a great […]

Cherokee (now Kaia)

Cherokee came to the shelter when a Good Samaritan found her, not even a week old, freezing in a box behind Hudson’s restaurant right before Christmas. Cherokee fought hard those first few days, but she managed to overcome her early challenges and became a strong, confident puppy. Cherokee was adopted by a loving family, who […]


Sweet Sunny arrived at the shelter back in September when his family gave him up. The 7-year-old orange tabby unfortunately suffers from severe degenerative joint disease, but the Vets at HHH helped him feel more comfortable and walk with ease. Many people weren’t willing to take on the health problems that Sunny had, including his […]


Barney, now Barley, is a ham. He came to us with severe skin allergies and chronic ear infections. He had been to a specialist for further assistance. Living in the south with the humidity made it hard to control his allergies. Luckily, someone from up North came and adopted him last month. He is living […]


We welcomed Pip and Winter to our shelter when their owner could no longer care for them.  Winter was the outgoing one and Pip the one who always stood off to the side.  Since these dogs came in together it seemed sad to separate but the goal is to get them in a home.  Enter […]


Bloom: a state of beauty. This Bloom though is not a flower, she is a senior cat. She had been back and forth at the shelter at no fault of her own, she was not given the right environment to thrive. She has since been adopted, an only cat to share love with her human. […]


Stewie came to HHHA at 13 years old in rough shape: he was skinny, missing fur, nearly completely blind, and had bad teeth. Our fantastic vet team helped him get back into peak shape for his age, and he was scooped up by a prior HHH adopter who had a soft spot for super seniors. […]


Super sweet senior Gracie captured the hearts of staff members immediately upon her arrival! This 9-year-old Terrier mix was at the shelter for almost a month before she found her new family. During her time here, she loved to play dress up in the lobby, which made it easy for us to post lots of […]


Back in May our confident and affectionate ten-year-old Cardi was finally adopted after 396 days at Hilton Head Humane!  Since then, we have gotten such wonderful and happy updates on Cardi and her new home!  The regal lady is the queen of cat naps.  She enjoys sunning the day away in her favorite spot on […]