Mookie, formerly General, was brought to HHHA after being hit by a car.  Mookie had lost complete use of his right arm, so the tough decision was made to amputate it.  The second Mookie’s new owner saw a picture of him, she knew she wanted to make him part of her family.  So much […]


  The story of Eve began as a sad one, a frightened momma brought to the shelter with her puppies.  Eve’s potential was boundless, everyone saw it.  She started going to training class,  worked with volunteers, and eventually her tail started to wag and her eyes gleamed with love.  Eve spent 495 days at the […]


Jax, our sweet senior cat who was adopted after spending 3,867 days at Hilton Head Humane Association, is LOVING his life with his new family. He is living with another cat and a dog, as well as 3 human siblings and the best human parents he could have ever asked for. Jax is enjoying the […]


Grober, now known as Goober, came to us as a stray from Daufuskie Island.  He had all the manners of a stray dog but he attended training class and became a star student.  His adoption journey was a long and hard one.  He was adopted two times and brought back two times.  As they say, […]

Georgia May

The December Adoption Success Story is Georgia May, a 5-year-old Lab mix who was adopted from the Okatie Campus earlier this fall. Georgia May’s owner reports that they have become “best friends.” Among the activities they do together are running, hiking and playing fetch. They also snuggle on the couch and root for the Iowa […]


Nos came to HHHA from another rescue and underwent Heartworm treatment and a surgery on his nose to clear tissue blocking his nostril so he could breathe properly. At one point he was adopted, but was return due to no fault of his own. Nos seemed a bit depressed after that and wasn’t eating well. […]


Madison came to HHHA as a stray. Madison had a been a bit of a picky eater and was giving us a run for our money on what food she wanted to eat or would eat.  Even though we still hadn’t figured her out yet, along came her new family.  They were so excited to […]


Brew came to Hilton Head Humane as a stray wondering around the countryside.  After his owners son saw Brew on our Website,  he knew it was going to be a great fit for his dad.  Brews’ owner had just moved here from Connecticut and needed a companion.  As a previous Great Pyrenes owner he knew […]


Sweet, shy Darla! Darla came to us as a puppy. She was always very shy and scared. She was often overlooked due to her fear and being an all black dog. She just couldn’t seem to get comfortable enough to find the perfect match. Then her knight in shining armor appeared! After 131 days with […]


Ruby came to HHHA full of intestinal parasites. She was so skinny, you could put a finger between each rib.  Well, things have certainly changed in this 4 year old Redbone Coonhound’s life since she was adopted.  Now this girl is a real beauty.  We saw that ourselves when she came to visit not long […]