Candy, a laid back, sweet Bulldog mix came to the shelter in March and immediately all of the staff fell in love with this happy 8 year old!  After two months, a lovely family came by the shelter and fell in love with this happy 8 year old!  Here’s what Candy has to say […]

Snickle and Fritz

  Snickle and Fritz came to our shelter due to unfortunate circumstances.  These two wonderful bichon mixes were thirteen years old and needed to be adopted together because of their strong bond with each other.  Older animals can be difficult to find a home for, even more difficult to find a home together.  They were […]


Ethel was our beloved office dog.  Her family brought her back to us when they could no longer keep her, and we fell in love-we do that all the time!  Our medical team worked on some skin issues that she had developed and once they reached a manageable level she was made available.  We showed […]


  Lefty came to HHHA as a young 5 month old kitten.  Seeing how beautiful she was, we knew she would not last for long.  Sadly, she came down with an upper respiratory infection which put her “home finding” on hold.  That didn’t keep her down.  She still gave kisses and purrs that never ended.  […]


Tippy arrived at the shelter in 2014 with skin issues.  She was adopted, then returned 4 years later due to the owner’s circumstances.  When Tippy came back, she once again had hair loss and food allergies.  Some folks might think that these health issues would deter any adopters.  Well, not so!  One of our volunteer […]


S’mores had been at the shelter through her kittenhood due to the recovery time required for the severe burns and injuries she had when she arrived to Hilton Head Humane Association. In spite of being one of the sweetest, most friendly kittens we have ever had, S’mores kept being overlooked. After a while, we decided […]


  A wild little blonde pup named Siggy arrived to HHHA in late August.  She was hard to handle with energy that could not be contained!  The adoption facilitators knew she needed some obedience work.  One of our volunteer trainers, Janet, jumped in to action.  Siggy was a good student and learned quickly.  This brings […]

Saint found his very own Saint!

Saint is the poster dog for an adoption success story.  He came to Hilton Head Humane after being found wandering on SC 170.  He was emaciated, a strong heartworm positive, and had the top of his ears chopped off. The poor guy was so shy, and so afraid of meeting new people.  He didn’t show […]


Wizard was pretty popular around here! He had a gravely bark that was unmistakable. Wizard was a little tough to place in a home. He really needed to be the only dog. Strangely enough Wizard was cool as can be with cats. Wizard spent 314 days here with us. We all quickly fell in love […]


  Stretch came to HHHA emaciated and heartworm positive. In addition to his health issues, Stretch was fearful and under socialized. It took Stretch almost 6 months to recover from his health issues just to be available for adoption! After he recovered, Stretch could socialize with humans and animals. Stretch not only joined play groups […]