He is very happy here!!!! We renamed him King because he is most definetly the king of this house now! We are very grateful for him thank you so much!


  “La Vie Est Belle” Life sure is beautiful now!  Topaz was a bit confused when she showed up at the shelter.  She had a home but suddenly something changed.  This gorgeous 4 month old girl is now living the life of excitement and travel.  You see,  she now lives in France.

Bob Barker

Bob Barker is an 11 year old Chihuahua/Body Builder mix. He has the ears and weight of a Chihuahua, and the shoulders of a personal trainer.  Bob Barker loves napping, wearing tee shirts, and going on leisurely walks. Bob Barker is the most well behaved, easy going dog you could ever meet. He is PERFECT! […]


Good things did come out of Hurricane Matthew – here’s the story of Chee-tos, the cat. Chee-tos came to the shelter so frightened that he hid all the time – no one could see him to adopt him. We wondered if Chee-tos would be happier living outside – no luck there either. During Hurricane Matthew, […]


Hope was found as a stray and came to HHHA with an infection of the uterus, open wounds on her neck, terrible teeth, luxating knees, and a cataract and glaucoma in one eye which ultimately had to be removed.  After our vet got all that medical taken care of, Hope had a fabulous “make-over” by […]


A cry in the dark. Robo was a tiny kitten when a good Samaritan picked him up and brought him to HHHA.  He barely weighed a pound.  He was so scared.  The staff worked hard with Robo and he began to trust again.  This happy adoption picture looks nothing like the scared kitten that once […]

Choices, Choices…….an Adoption Story

A young mom and her son are looking for a pet. What to get?  A puppy, an adult dog, a kitty?  Meet Kelly and her son Keith, they choose to adopt two adult Kitties.  Lizzie and Lulu joined the family a few weeks apart.  Lulu, 8 years old was first.  She made an easy transition, […]


Webster has settled in nicely at his new home! He even has a dog friend named Coco. Thanks for the update Webster!


Little Felipe went home with a new best friend, how cute is this picture??


Carolina (now Polly) is loving her new life as a beach dog!