Check out my crooked smile!  My name is Tigger and I do like to bounce.  I am 8 years old so I do enjoy a nap between my playtime, who doesn’t might I ask?  I acme to these nice people when I was found as a stray.  Sadly I tested positive for H/W.  I am […]


Fuji is a grey medium haired cat. He is 8 pounds and 1 year old. Fuji has been with us for a little over a month but he has definitely made an impression.  When Fuji is ready for attention, he will try to climb your legs.  He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle.  Fuji would […]


Hi! My name is Fez. I’m a 4 month old male kitten. I have overheard the staff at the Okatie Campus tell visitors that I am the most playful kitten in the kitten room. I have a green, plastic igloo in my cage that I love. I go in and over it. I knock it […]


If you are looking for a sweet kitty to add to your family then look no further because Twizzler is here! He’s a 2 year old medium haired boy and weighs 8 pounds. His tail is fluffy and he has super soft fur. Twizzler enjoys relaxing on the screened in porch for some fresh air […]


This pretty girl is Lainey.  She is a 1yr old Lab Mix who was found wondering around Target.  Like most women, wondering around Target can be entertaining and fun but, we all need a place to call home.  HHHA is providing Lainey with a temporary home until her new family finds her.  Lainey knows some […]


Say hello to squirt!  Squirt is outstanding in so many ways!  First, he is the sweetest most gentle little guy you could ever meet.  Also he came to us as a stray from another shelter and tested positive for heartworms, after four months of treatment he is all better.  Lastly,  Squirt has been attending training […]


Say hello to Pyro! Why is he outstanding? He is smart, funny, and super handsome! Pyro is a 5 year old terrier mix. He ended up in the shelter as a product of divorce. Pyro loves female dogs mainly, he’s a ladies man! Pyro is not a fan of cats so he needs a kitty […]


Kenny’s life so far has been a bumpy road.  He was adopted as a 2 month old back in 2017.  Then picked up as a stray in 2019. When the owner decided he didn’t want a dog anymore, Kenny came back to the shelter,  so you now have a chance to adopt this sweet guy. He […]


  If you find yourself wondering where to find the most amazing cat then look no further than Jordi!  Jordi came to us with a dislocated knee, which we’ve repaired.  He will probably always walk with a limp, but it doesn’t faze him in the least.  He is so loving and craves pets and snuggles.  […]


  Bonnie came to us as a stray and is declawed.  She has been with us since February.  She is hesitant with new people and needs some time to open up.  Bonnie needs someone who has patience and will take the time to get to know her.  Bonnie is a sweet cat and would love […]