Meet Milky, a bit over 3 months old and ready to make all your puppy wishes come true!


Ralph is a lap cat, plain and simple. If he fits, he sits! Ralph loves taking long naps and people watching. He sits on top of his kennel watching people pass him by, not paying him much attention other than a good scratch behind the ears. Ralph is 13 years wise, and has aged to […]


Your spirits will soar when you meet Blossom.   She dances around like there’s no tomorrow, knowing that there really will be a bright tomorrow when someone adopts her.  Blossom likes human interaction and is fine with other dogs, cats and kids.  Blossom has had mass cell tumors removed, and she has rebounded quite well. […]


Lilil is a show-stopper with her beautiful white coat and distinctive crinkled left ear.  This girl is very social and loves pets and to snuggle. Lilil is diabetic, but her glucose is well controlled with a low dose of daily insulin.  This petite kitty is declawed, so must be an inside cat only. That works […]

Ceaser Salad

Why is this dog still here? Is it the name? Ceaser Salad is an outstanding dog who has been attending training classes and really has some skills.  He loves to ride in the car, play with toys and he is a big fan of his volunteer trainer, Sofi.  This guy is only a year old […]


Tala is a gorgeous kitten. Please come to see her.


Emmie is a laid back gal, who enjoys the company of people and other dogs. She is a little shy at first, but quickly warms up to be your best friend. Emmie knows some basic commands and would do best in a home with older children. Emmie is 1 1/2 years old and came to […]


Spade likes to run around the room and play with toys. He has a good time, no matter what he is doing. Spade is 1 year old and came from another shelter.


Caldera wants to be an explorer when she grows up! This sweetie is under 4 months old, and she is growing more beautiful with each passing day. Caldera wants you to come meet her, and fall in love!


Nothing could be finer than a dog named Carolina! And fine she is! Carolina is a beautiful hound with a disposition to match. She has an adorable habit of grinning when happy. Come adopt Carolina and make this southern girl happy, and see her grin in delight.