Sweety Pie

Sweety Pie could not be more aptly named: this 1-year-old is a lover! She came to HHHA as a stray, but we know she’ll love being with a family who is as loving as she is.


Fanta is as sweet as the soda she is named after! She (yes, she is one of those rare female orange tabbies) LOVES to cuddle, get chin scratches, belly rubs, you name it! This 2-year-old started off as a stray, but she is definitely going to make her future family very happy!


Squash is a handsome 3-year-old who came to HHHA as a stray. He loves to hang around people, explore, cuddle, and he purrs like no other! He’s a nice, chill, congenial little guy!


Jill is a gorgeous 4-month-old kitty with long, black fur except for a teeny white spot on her chest and a beautiful silvery-smoky tabby tail. She is a vivacious gal with not a lot of time to stay still for a picture: she’s busy playing with her toys and her brother, Jack.

Sugar Plum

You may be nestled all snug in your bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, but if you adopt this 6-month-old kitten named Sugar Plum, it might just be her doing some 3AM zoomies! Kidding aside, this calico is a happy, playful, cuddly gal who’ll make those on the Nice List very […]

Gum Drop

Gum Drop is a sweet boy who is nearly 6 months old and came to HHHA from another rescue as a stray. He is inquisitive when meeting new people and loves head rubs and chin scratches. Don’t be fooled by his calm appearance: he LOVES to play and bounce around!


Copenhagen is a both a lovely city and an even lovelier kitty. She was a wonderful mama kitty to her babies and it is now time for her to find a home of her own. She is happy to relax and enjoy the good life. This lovely girl is 3 years old.


Prescott came to HHHA via another rescue after his owner could no longer care for them. He is a 7-month-old orange tabby cuddle bug who will bring a lot of love to anyone he meets.


Mouse lost her home when her owner passed away. She is very sad to have lost her family, but we are hoping she will have a new one soon. Mouse is 4 years old ready to find a forever home this time!


This wonderful kitty was found as a stray. It is hard to imagine as sweet as she is (hence the name!) Praline is 1 year old and ready to leave the wandering life behind. Praline will make your life that much sweeter.