Meet Lexy! She’s a cute 2 1/2 month old kitten with lots of energy! Lexy loves to bat toys around and chase her tail! Now she needs a family that will give her lots of kitty playtime!

White Rose

A White Rose symbolizes purity. We think that sounds just “purr-fect” for this adorable 1 year old. White Rose was found as a stray and thankfully a good Samaritan brought her to us. She loves head scratches and can’t wait for a home of her own. She is just about a year old.


Rinaldo is a super sweet and friendly kitty! He is 3 years old and came to us from another rescue where he was found as a stray. This wonderful boy is ready to find a family of his own to love!


Meet Cosmo, the 10 year old brown tabby! Cosmo came to us when his owner could no longer care for him and he can’t wait to find a new home. This cat takes some warming up when he meets new people, but is very lovable. If you are looking for a senior cat, consider Cosmo!


Marvin came to us from another rescue and we are happy to help him find a new home. Marvin loves having his head scratched and is just 8 months old. Marvin will be a wonderful addition to his new family.


Dion came to us from another rescue. We are thrilled to help this handsome kitty find a new home. Dion purrs up a storm and we are certain this good looking house “panther” will fit in to nearly any family.


Say hello to Rick! Rick is 8 months old and weighs 8lbs. This black and white domestic short hair has beautiful eyes. If you are looking to add a sweet young cat to your family, Rick may be perfect for you.


Meet Horacio! This curious kitten is 4 months old and weighs just 5lbs. Horacio loves to play with his sister Jasmine. He is a black and white domestic short haired and will surely grow up to be a very handsome cat!


Meet Loretta! She is 2.5 years old and weighs 8lbs. Loretta sure is a beauty! This black and white short haired cat is very playful and loves toys. If you are looking for a young cat to add to your family, consider adopting Miss Loretta!


Ducky is a sweet and affectionate feline who enjoys head rubs. She is 7 months old. Ducky would love a new home and possibly a new name too! If you are looking to add a friendly older kitten to your family, she might be the pet for you.