Ritter and his littermate have a genetic defect which results in multiple abnormalities. Affected cats have shorter than normal lifespans. Unfortunately, there is no cure, but we are hoping we can get these sweet kittens into a loving home for whatever time they have, which could be years.


Rosemary has a genetic disorder which results in multiple abnormalities. Unfortunately, there is no cure. She has had surgery to repair her patellas and had an eye removed. Rosemary is just a wonderfully sweet kitten who doesn’t know anything is different about her and loves to play and be held and loved on.


  Coral: Marine invertebrates that live in colonies, an invigorating blend of pink and orange, or a beautiful calico cat.  The 1 year old has a warm and dynamic personality.  She likes head rubs and would love a new home soon.


Hi there, Clark is my name and being a wonderful kitty is my game! I am just about a year old. I came here from another rescue and they promised to find me the best family, EVER! Is it you? I bet it is, OMG I am so excited!


You don’t have to wait for Fall to enjoy Cider. This 7.5 month old cutie is ready and waiting to join a family and start having some FUN! Check out Cider’s long white whiskers and huge yellow eyes; she’s a beauty for sure.


Ebony has a coat that is soft and shiny, just as her name implies! Ebony is 3 years old and was found as a stray. She is a “big” girl as she would freely admit. Weighing in at almost 18 pounds. We do have her on a weight loss regime…ugh that “covid-15”


Crunchy, fried, southern goodness, wait that describes a Hushpuppy that you eat, not one that you snuggle with! This Hushpuppy purrs for ever and loves to have his head scratched every day. The delightful and handsome guy is a bit over 5 months old.


Loren enjoys comparisons with the gorgeous Sophia Loren. She knows her career as your BFF will last forever and will be filled with love. Loren began her life as a stray who had been thrown from a car, thankfully someone helped this 1 year old and now she is ready for no drama, lots of […]


  Sophie is a variation of the name Sophia and means wisdom.  Sophie is a 2.5 year old gray cat.  She is a little uncertain of her current surroundings, and would probably like being in a home much better!


  This beautiful girl is Mollie! She is 13 years old, but definitely doesn’t look or act her age! Her big green eyes and soft tabby coat can’t be missed! Mollie is declawed. Mollie has lots of love to give and is ready to find a new family!