Harley is a handsome 2-year-old Siamese who came to HHHA via another rescue. He is curious about his surroundings and appreciates pets and chin scratches. He is a plain ol’ nice guy!


Marty’s not so sure about going “Back to the Future.” However the 4 year old orange tabby is ready to go back to a home. If you’re looking to add an adult cat to your family, he might be the pet for you.


Did you ever meet a cat that likes to roll over for belly rubs? Well this is the one! Blanca came to us from another rescue and is just a bit over a year old. She loves playing with toys and believes with all her heart that all toys should be pink or purple! Sound […]


Sandalwood is famous for providing inner peace in the essential oil department. We are not sure if Sandalwood the kitty possesses those skills but it wouldn’t surprise us. This gorgeous long haired gal takes a little bit to warm up, with a bit of patience you are sure to find inner peace! She is 2 […]


A little Crema with your coffee? We think that is a fabulous idea. This handsome fellow was found as a stray and we are happy to introduce him to a new family. Crema is 2 years old and we promised him a family with lots of love to give. Could it be you?

Lord Greysoke

Lord Greysoke is a mighty fancy name for a very fancy grey kitty. Lord Greysoke is 2 years old and was found as a stray. He is a bit shy when you first meet him but warms up for a chin scratch! This handsome guy is ready to sit on your lap while you read […]


Gil, something a fish breathes through? Not this time, Gil is a handsome guy with beautiful markings. He loves all forms of attention and is looking forward to a household that has baskets of kitty toys everywhere, ok, a guys gotta have a dream, right? Gil is a bit over 2 years old.


Daisy is as pretty as the flower she was named after. The beautiful long-haired brown tabby is a year old. She is a little on the shy side but loves head rubs. If you are looking to add an adult cat to your family, she might be the feline for you.

This is “nacho” typical kitty!! Nacho is loving and sweet, very curious. She is 1 year old and cannot wait to have a family of her own. She will be happy to help you build the best plate of nachos you can imagine, light on the hot stuff, please!


The name Xeno is a bit of a strange one, we won’t blame you if you change it! Xeno was surrendered by his owner and we aren’t sure why. He did have an infected tooth but we have taken care of that. He is a handsome 8 year old with plenty of love to give […]