My what big ears you have!!?? Rusty has a ready smile which he is happy to share, with everyone. Rusty arrived in late March and has completed his Heartworm treatment. This adorable boy is ready for a family of his own, he is just a bit over 2 years old.


Her eyes are striking as you can see. Beans is a bit on the shy side and will need some patience to come out of her shell. She is 2 years old and weighs 36 pounds! She arrived to us in late March and she has been undergoing Heartworm treatment. She has come through with […]


Beauty kind of named herself. This happy go lucky lady came to us from another rescue. She is just a year old so should be very close to full grown at 35 pounds. She is friendly, loves to play and will make a great family companion. Beauty has just completed her Heartworm treatment so we […]


Bailey has a ready smile that she is always happy to share! Bailey is 2 years old and came to us from another rescue. She has just completed her Heartworm treatment and we are increasing her exercise level slowly. Bailey loves a good walk and a fun day with her family.


Brodie arrived to us from another rescue. He is 1 year old and ready for a haircut and a new home! His unruly locks could use a good brushing. We are all having hair issues right now! Brodie is an active dog so his family needs to be “on the go.” He has just finished […]


JR came to us from another rescue. Unlike his “Dallas” namesake, he is sweet, generous, kind and we promise he does not have a bunch of ex-wives who are out to get him!! JR loves long walks, cuddles on the sofa, and rainy days spent with a good book. JR weighs 24 pounds and is […]


There is no outlaw in this Josie. Our Josie is super sweet and ready to find a home. Josie went through heartworm treatment and you would never know it. Josie is a 6 year old hound and 41 pounds. If you think you can make Josie your outlaw, mosey on over to the Hilton Head […]


Leela is ready to take on the world! She is an active 7 month old looking for love, fun, and LOTS of exercise. Leela is blind in her right eye, but that doesn’t stop her at all. She’s constantly looking for that special “someone” to call her own.


Not only is Edwina a looker, but boy can she “cut the rug”. She stands right up and dances ! This 1 year old is looking for a partner to share her fun. Could it be you?


Hunter is a beautiful brindle shepherd mix. He is just a year old and still full of puppy energy. Hunter would love to take up jogging because he has a theory that a tired dog is a good dog. You never know….he may be able to keep you accountable to lose that COVID-19 pounds.