Beetle will be a great family pet – he likes to romp and have a good time. Beetle walks well on a leash and can’t wait for the next person to come along so he can greet them. Beetle is almost 3 years old, and he was a stray before going to a rescue group.


Gator is one big boy – 84 lbs.! This fellow will follow you around and be your best friend. He tilts his head when you speak to him so he doesn’t miss a word that you say. Gator knows some basic commands and is more than willing to learn more. Gator is one year old […]


Red is a muscular guy who probably has lots of street smarts – he was a stray before he ended up in a shelter. Red is 7 years old, so he is overdue for a chance at the good life.


Dakota is a gal who will always greet you with a smile! She is a beautiful Coonhound who loves a snack…or two. Dakota is 6 years old, and easily makes friends.


Gunther is a sweet boy who knows how to sit politely for the camera. Gunther is 2 years old, and would love to have an active family. Gunther has a fluffy coat, and loves to be petted.


My what big ears you have! Ginger came to us from another rescue. This sweet and gentle 7 year old just wants a soft bed and don’t forget the Milk Bones. She just loves them. Her unique markings make her a real stand out.


Agner is everything you could want in a pet – friendly, happy, eager to please, and lovable. Agner thinks all good things come in the form of a black lab, so come and get one of those good things. Agner is a one year old who was adopted from us a puppy. His family was […]


Hailey is a nice size at 40 lbs. She likes to have a conversation and tell you what she wants next in life, which obviously is a home of her own. Hailey is 2 years old and is curious about her surroundings – she is always looking around to see what’s happening. This lovely gal […]


Grant has the body wiggle down pat. He wants to be the life of the party as he sure likes attention. Grant rolls around his kennel, hoping that someone will stop to give him belly rubs. Grant is 8 months old.


Lorenzo is the type of dog who would be at the door waiting to greet you when you come home. If you talk to him, he jabbers a response. Lorenzo knows how to sit and seems to want to shake hands. He is 1 1/2 years old and arrived here from another rescue.