The name Gregory means watchful and alert.  This 4.8 month old kitten uses his beautiful, wide, golden eyes to survey and take in his surroundings.  He would love a new home to explore with his new family!


Popper is almost 7 years old and sadly his owner passed away. He came in with his friend Shalimar so we are certain he would be good in a multi cat household. Popper is quiet and loves to sit in the window in the sunshine. Could he be the one for you?


Shalimar is named after a perfume that was created in the 1920’s. Maybe that is a bit of a stretch but we can feel the sadness that this kitty has, as he lost his person. He is 11 years old and deserves a wonderful home to live out the rest of his days.


Grant is a 3 year old male cat who weighs 11.8 lbs. Grant came to HHHA from another rescue where he had been found as a stray. Grant is looking to start the next chapter of his life with a new family.