There is a Spice Girl on campus! Well, we have a girl…named Spice…same thing, right? Spice is a year old and came to HHHA from another rescue. She is a little reserved at first, but she warms up quickly.


Sarabi is a beautiful 4-year-old tortie who was named after Simba’s mother in The Lion King. Our Sarabi lives up to her regal name: she is gorgeous, loving, and gentle.


Ashepoo is named after one of South Carolina’s most beautiful rivers. Don’t start thinking that this is a river cat! Ashepoo prefers a warm lap and some kitty treats. This 3.5 year old was found as a stray and we are happy to help him find a home of his own. A river view, perhaps!


  This friendly feline is Flashes! She is 2 years old and has beautiful green eyes and long whiskers! Flashes enjoys lots of attention and is ready to find a new family to give her all the TLC she wants!


  Samantha is going to twitch her pretty pink nose and cast a spell on you.  Get ready to be bewitched by this 7 year old brown and white tabby cat.


  Sasquatch is a big name for a fluff ball of a feline.  The handsome 2 year old, long-haired tuxedo cat is a little shy.  He is used to a home environment and would love to find a new family soon!