Crunchy, fried, southern goodness, wait that describes a Hushpuppy that you eat, not one that you snuggle with! This Hushpuppy purrs for ever and loves to have his head scratched every day. The delightful and handsome guy is a bit over 5 months old.


Loren enjoys comparisons with the gorgeous Sophia Loren. She knows her career as your BFF will last forever and will be filled with love. Loren began her life as a stray who had been thrown from a car, thankfully someone helped this 1 year old and now she is ready for no drama, lots of […]


Ophelia wants everyone to know that she is not named after the tragic heroine of Hamlet. She is all about the positive! Ophelia is almost 2 years old and loves head scratches and purring. We can’t wait to meet her new family! Could it be you?