Harper is a lovely tabby with a heart of gold. She came to us from another rescue and we are happy to help her find a home of her own. Harper is 3 years old and loves treats and having her head scratched.


This wonderful kitty was found as a stray. It is hard to imagine as sweet as she is (hence the name!) Praline is 1 year old and ready to leave the wandering life behind. Praline will make your life that much sweeter.


Bonnie is a Scottish name and means pretty. Bonnie is a year old. She is sweet as can be and would love to go home with you! If you are looking to add a young adult cat to your family, she might be the pet for you!


Christian is 3 years old and lost his home through no fault of his own. He is loving and sweet. Christian would best be suited as a one and only cat, we would love for Christian to find a home soon as having a bunch of cats for roommates is not his favorite thing!


This is “nacho” typical kitty!! Nacho is loving and sweet, very curious. She is 1 year old and cannot wait to have a family of her own. She will be happy to help you build the best plate of nachos you can imagine, light on the hot stuff, please!