Pinky came to us with scarring on both of his corneas – likely from a severe eye infection or ulcer. Our vet said they may improve or clear slightly, but Pinky will probably always have cloudiness in his corneas. Pinky doesn’t care in the least. Life is just purrs, snuggles and fun for this sweet […]


Tom lost his home because his owner was allergic. We could not be happier to help this handsome guy find new accommodations. He loves the camera and the camera loves him, just think of all the famous Tom’s who are movie stars? He may be related. Tom is 8 months old.


  This Marlin has fur instead of scales.  Although he shares his name with a popular game fish, he’s not too fond of water.  Marlin is a 4 year old black cat with striking yellow eyes.  He is curious about his surroundings in the adoption center but would love a new home of his own […]


Poor Tessa came to us with lots of dental problems requiring tooth extractions and cleaning. She’s all shined and polished now and feeling so much better! She’s ready to give kisses to her new owners! Adopt Tessa and you can have kisses everyday!