Stu came to us as a stray. He had a bit of a rough start with a surgery to remove a polyp at a very young age. He has left his medical woes behind him and is looking forward to meeting his new family. Stu is 5 months old.


This cat is named after a famous author, we are pretty sure he has never written a book, but his eyes tell you quite a story. Milton had a family at one time but his owner became ill and could no longer care for him. He is sweet, and a bit scared in his new […]


Salem loves attention and will roll over on his back for belly rubs. He is 5 months old who was found as stray. He is eager to meet your family!!!


Bobbin has a very lovely personality. She is 5 months old. Bobbin loves to play! She can’t wait to be part of your family.


Lava is a delightful kitten with an outgoing personality! He is 4 months old and ready for a family of his own. Lava came to us from another rescue with his siblings and we are eager to meet their new family!


Larimar is named after a blue stone found only in Central America. What a rare thing for a orange kitty to be named after! Larimar is 4 months old and can’t wait for a family of his own. He loves belly rubs!


Donovan is 1.9 years old Terrier mix who weighs 49.8 lbs. He loves treats and takes them gently. He is full of energy and would love at home with an active family. Donovan is so eager to hear from you!!!


Omelette is 5 years old and weighs 51 pounds. Everyone loves omelettes and we are sure that will hold true for this sweet pup! Omelette was found as a stray and sadly tested positive for Heartworm. She is feeling “egg-stra” special now to put that behind her. She is ready to dance and play with […]


Karma is 1.8 year old terrier mix who weighs 49.6 lbs with white markings. Karma is perfect for older children and adults she is a goofy bundle of energy. She is ready for new adventures!!! She will be be a great addition to your family.


Kanel means “cinnamon,” although don’t worry: Kanel the cat is more sweet than spicy! Kanel and his brothers, Semlor and Kardemum, were found as strays and got used to the comforts of a home. Kanel purrs like none other and enjoys cuddling and playing with people and cats.