Hannah came to us as a stray. She is a snuggle bunny. Hannah loves to cuddle and to be pet. She would love to just run around or cuddle on the couch. Hannah cannot wait for someone to open their heart to her.


Barney, now Barley, is a ham. He came to us with severe skin allergies and chronic ear infections. He had been to a specialist for further assistance. Living in the south with the humidity made it hard to control his allergies. Luckily, someone from up North came and adopted him last month. He is living […]


Stewie came to HHHA at 13 years old in rough shape: he was skinny, missing fur, nearly completely blind, and had bad teeth. Our fantastic vet team helped him get back into peak shape for his age, and he was scooped up by a prior HHH adopter who had a soft spot for super seniors. […]


Evie is a highly active but highly affectionate 2-year-old Shepherd/Lab mix who is 70 pounds of activity and love! She can’t wait to meet an adopter who will take her on long runs, take her to training classes, and spend lots of time cuddling, cuddling, cuddling! Evie gently and lovingly brings you her favorite toys […]


Puma Thurman

Puma Thurman had a rough start: she came to HHHA after her former owners abandoned her when they moved for who-knows how long before someone found her in an empty apartment. She bolted out and found herself in a feral colony for a bit before one of the colony caretakers noticed she wasn’t feral. Poor […]


If you’re looking for a loving, affectionate, lap cat, then Ash is your boy! This 7-year-old LOVES people and seems to get along with just about anybody (whether human or animal) he meets. Ash has the silkiest, softest fur and a motor of a purr! He has kidney disease, which may shorten his lifespan, but […]


Lance was adopted by one of HHHA’s staff members and their story is most certainly a tear-jerker! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!